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Wyoming Nurse Leadership Institute (WNLI)

  • 11 Feb 2021
  • 18 Sep 2021

Wyoming Nurse Leadership Institute (WNLI) was originally implemented in 2009 as a means of recruiting and retaining the best nurses in Wyoming. WNLI was founded on the ideals of developing nurse leaders, professional development of nurses, ensuring a hand in legislation and health policy, promoting quality workplace environments for nurses, and evaluating the effectiveness of organizations. WNLI co-founders Sue Howard, MSN and Veronica Taylor, MSN with the support of WNA and Wyoming Center for Nursing (WCN), envisioned a program to grow leaders from within Wyoming healthcare organizations, and they both dedicated over 10 years to grow WNLI into a successful program which reached all corners of the state.

Sue and Veronica stepped down as co-directors of WNLI in 2017, at which time the program was placed on hold. As a participant of WNLI Marcella Wright knows the huge impact it has had on her career and she desires to see it revived. As a final project in the University of Wyoming MS Nurse Educator program she is resuscitating WNLI with the mentoring of Veronica. The inaugural class will be in 2021 with plans to provide ongoing annual classes.

Based on the current American Organization of Nurse Leaders (AONL) competencies the WNLI advisory board has developed a solid leadership curriculum. As you will see on the flyer the dates of WNLI 2021 will be from February 2021 to September 2021. WNLI attendees are expected to be nurses within Wyoming whom are current nurse leaders, future nurse leaders, and nurses identified with leadership potential. WCN continues to support WNLI and is actively involved in the advisory board.

WNLI will be convenient, affordable, and very informative. Without the support and encouragement from organizational leadership, nurses tend to be less engaged in educational opportunities, thus we encourage current Wyoming nurse managers to refer and support their strongest nurses to be part of WNLI. Registration will be $200 per participant and aside from the cost of travel for 2 weekends, the registration fee will cover the expenses of WNLI 2021. WNLI 2021 will draw from the experiences of many of the strongest nurse leaders throughout Wyoming who will share their understanding and expertise in multiple leadership areas.

For more information please contact Marcella Wright, BSN, RN, CNN, RNMarcella@msn.com or via cell phone 307-760-0441.

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