Revolutionizing Nursing Education in Wyoming (ReNEW)

The Mission of ReNEW is

to enhance the quality of nursing and healthcare in Wyoming by revolutionizing nursing education.

The Vision of ReNEW

Shared, concept-based statewide curriculum where students can earn an associate degree or continue seamlessly to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree (or higher) starting at any of the community colleges or UW. The courses/clinical experiences needed to complete the BSN through the university will be available through distance delivery.

Shared leadership through education and practice partnerships to:
  • Co-create the nursing curriculum
  • Optimize the use of clinical facilities throughout the state of Wyoming
  • Share education and clinical resources

A clinical education model focusing on enhancing clinical judgment, 
skill development and professional nursing practice.

ReNEW’s Guiding Principles:

  1. Valuing both ADN and BSN education
  2. Focusing on quality nurses and quality nursing care
  3. Using a shared leadership model that encourages mutual and dynamic partnerships between nursing education and clinical facilities.
  4. Using a consensus approach to decision-making which doesn’t mean 100% agreement, but focusing on bringing all voices to the table and identifying the best strategy for moving forward
  5. Valuing relationships
  6. Valuing healthy conflict and “agreeing to disagree”
  7. Retaining individual program/clinical facility autonomy
  8. Valuing inclusiveness and diversity
  9. Valuing a positive approach to change
  10. Thinking big…having an attitude of “thinking out of the box” and committing to transformation of nursing in Wyoming


ReNEW has three committees made up of volunteers assisting with creating a statewide nursing curriculum.  The committees and chairs are listed below.  If you are interested in participating on any of the committees or to contact any of the committee chairs please contact the WCN at

Professional Development Committee – Stacey Stanek, Karen Bowen
Clinical Education – Kristy Neilson
Curriculum and Evaluation Committee – Paula Kihn, Amy Hernandez

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