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Precepting Student Nurses using Concept-Based Learning in the Clinical Setting

Many of the nursing programs in Wyoming have changed to a concept-based learning curriculum. If you are a preceptor or thinking of becoming a preceptor, you may wonder how this will change how you work with nursing students.

The key to precepting a nursing student using concept-based learning is focusing on the concept the student is learning in the classroom that particular week(s) while together taking care of patients in your care. Your charge will be to assist students in understanding how a particular concept can be applied to the care of patients across a variety of situations. This helps students transfer that knowledge to the care of patients in different settings. Asking questions that prompt reflection on specific concepts rather than focusing on tasks facilitates pattern recognition. This is necessary in critical thinking and clinical reasoning.

This video provides an example of how a staff nurse preceptor uses concept-based learning while precepting a nursing student. The focus is on the foundational concept of fluids and electrolytes. Watch how the preceptor asks questions about this concept and the patterns and trends that are identified.